Maltese resident Paul Bondin, a 30-year old sales executive, was taking his brand new motorcycle for a spin when the unthinkable happened.  He had a life-threatening accident on the snaking road that leads to Mdina. He does not remember much after that as he was unconscious in a coma at Mater Dei's ITU, and 10 days from his life remain a blank to this day.

Mr. Bondin had decided to purchase a touring motorcycle to take on longer trips with a small group of friends.  “Things like the motorcycle trips - getting away and doing something just non-typical - that is so nice, Malta is small and beautiful and there are roads to explore nearby in places like Sicily and Southern Italy, I was very excited about the freedom the new bike would give me” Paul said. “Such relaxing trips really help me clear my mind.”

But Paul did not stop there, he was given a gift by a friend of “top-of-the-line” head gear because a high quality helmet and good leathers are the minimum level of precaution to ride with a relaxed frame of mind. On a frightening day in Zebbug, that safety awareness quite possibly made all the difference between life and death for Paul. “For the injuries that I sustained, which were considerable face, head and leg injuries, I just cannot imagine what would have happened had I not had a really good, full-face helmet like that, and every Maltese road user should keep this very specific point in mind, you only have one life,” Paul said.

Without warning Paul was involved in a serious accident on Zebbug Road, leaving him in a serious condition with wounds all over his body. “I saw the car for a split second and the black road, and then a smiling nurse several days later when I awoke from the coma in ITU, I was also told that the bike had just exploded into flames on the ground. Little did I realise then that it would take me a year to get well again.”

Paul said that as he lay for five weeks in his hospital bed at Mater Dei it took him some time to come to terms with his situation, “The accident happened in a flash. I started to see bits of the aftermath in slow motion, just like they say. ITU do a wonderful job but it is quite daunting to see all those tubes exiting from different parts of your body, and the wires from the traction, as well as the various monitor connections, you really have to adjust to that. It was not easy. There was a long list of broken bones and head injuries, my upper leg alone was broken in seven places.”

An ambulance was dispatched to Paul’s location. Within minutes of arriving at Mater Dei Paul was seen by various specialists and they did all they could to stabilise him and make him comfortable in ITU.

After five weeks Paul and his family realised he would need additional hospitalisation. Fortunately Paul is a Bupa Malta member, and he was able to go to a private hospital as multiple other interventions were required to help aid his recovery. "I am very thankful that I could get extra treatment under the Bupa Malta plan, I spent 5 weeks at a private hospital and 9 months receiving physiotherapy under that plan, without it I would not be living the life I am today," he said.

Paul says, "The violent nature of the wreck had caused so much damage that Bupa Malta eventually covered over €45,000 worth of treatment for me. I could never have afforded that. It has made my life easier."

Thanks to the many dedicated Maltese nurses and doctors, Paul is able to recount those events again. Paul’s memory has improved greatly, and the former fitness fanatic has been rehabbing diligently, walking, cycling, running and swimming. The motorcycle accident survivor celebrated his recovery by completing a walking tour in Nepal, thanks to the healthcare he received from Bupa Malta.

Paul has now resumed a normal life and said “Please write about the powerful effect of support. No matter what challenges come in life, support is priceless. Trials can become great learning experiences, and as strange as it may sound, blessings. I will never look at life the same. I will always carry with me some scars and limitations from the accident, but I choose to have positive thoughts and attitudes about it,” he added.

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